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Biomedica Trailer

In the program of Biomedica 2016, more than 50 presentation slots for pitchers have been reserved. Do you have an innovative idea, product or project to present? If the answer is yes, you should apply for a presentation slot at the Biomedica Life Sciences Summit on 30 - 31 May 2016 in Aachen.

Conditions for application

First of all, please fill out the form below for a full application.

An innovation market will be set up in this years exhibition area. 30 pitchers will be selected by a jury to exhibit their products at the innovation market. The booth will be 2m² and equipped with a table, chair, brochure rack and electricity. The costs connected to the booth is € 299,00 (incl. 1 entrance ticket). If you are selected for the innovation market, please be aware that these costs will be allocated to you or your company.

In case your company will not be selected for the innovation market, a 2-day conference ticket for a special price of € 99,00 needs to be taken.

With the application for a pitch, you also accept  to possibly exhibit at the innovation market. 

Read about the selection criteria for the innovation market.

Deadline for application

The deadline for the full application was April 1st, 2016. All applicants will be informed about the status after April 13, 2016.